Volunteer Opportunities

Providers - Volunteer OppThe mission of Docs Who Care has always been one of service.  As such, we encourage everyone to be inspired to serve and volunteer in any capacity when an opportunity presents.  Docs Who Care is committed to supporting service and volunteer efforts of our providers, partner hospitals, and staff.

Heart to Heart International

Founded by Dr. Gary Morsch in 1992, Heart to Heart is a leading global humanitarian organization that works to improve health and to respond to needs of disaster victims worldwide.  They specialize in delivering essential medicines and supplies, as well as providing necessary training to increase the level of medical care in underserved regions of the world.  Contact www.hearttoheart.org for more information.


Heart to Heart International Annual Disaster Response Team Training September 21 -24, 2017 in Kansas City

If you’re interested in becoming a member of HHI’s Disaster Response Team, contact Staci Parelman, HHI’s Volunteer Deployment Coordinator at staci.parelman@hearttoheart.org.

Operation Healthy Delta Innovative Readiness Training Deployment September 13-17, 2017

Heart to Heart International has an immediate opportunity for you to volunteer in the state of Missouri.  Operation Healthy Delta is an outreach program for rural health.  Our mobile medical unit (MMU) will be rolling out of Kansas City to provide general health care in the Bootheel of Missouri.  Room and Board will be provided for this rewarding opportunity.  We are currently seeking 2 medical providers and two nurses to staff our MMU.

Opportunities for the entire deployment September 13-19th, or for part of the deployment September 13-15th or September 17-19th.

Positions need to be filled just as soon as possible.

For additional information, please contact:
Staci Parelman: staci.parelman@hearttoheart.org
Janice Ballard: Janice.ballard@hearttoheart.org (901)503-7576

Statement of Need
Rural Americans experience significant health disparities. Risk factors contributing to these health disparities include geographic isolation, lower socio-economic status, higher rates of health risk behaviors, and limited job opportunities. Additionally, higher rates of chronic illness and poor overall health are more prevalent in rural communities when compared to urban populations. Rural communities are generally deemed as Health Professionals Shortage Areas. This inequality is intensified as rural residents are less likely to have employer-provided healthcare coverage, and over a significant portion of the population does not meet the requirement for Medicaid coverage.

Description of Event
Operation Healthy Delta is a military Innovative Readiness Training event coordinated through a partnership between the Delta Regional Authority and the U.S. Department of Defense, allowing servicemen and women to provide medical, dental, and optical care to residents of the selected communities with known barriers to health access and poor health outcomes. These services are offered at no cost to patients, and there are no income guidelines or residency restrictions. The involvement of local leaders in supporting these efforts is essential to the mission’s success. As such, Heart to Heart International (HHI) and its partners will play a key role in this effort, providing medical, dental and health education services in Caruthersville and Charleston, MO for a select number of days during the deployment, scheduled for September 13-22, 2017.

HHI’s Mobile Medical Unit, staffed by volunteer providers, will be deployed to the Bootheel, working alongside the Military team to provide health and physical exams to over 3000 patients. Through a partnership with AT Still University College of Dentistry and Smiles of HOPE Ministries, HHI will provide dental services in Dexter, MO on September 20th in donated dental office space.  Additionally, HHI, in collaboration with pharmacy fellows from our partners at Sanofi, will conduct nutritional counseling and patient education sessions during the first week of the deployment.

Scope of Work
Heart to Heart International is registered with the state of Missouri under the Volunteer Health Services Act.  Under this Missouri Law volunteer medical providers and nurses are exempt from the requirement to hold a license in the State of Missouri as long as they have a current license in another state. The law also provides immunity from liability for those providing healthcare services as a volunteer under the authorization of a registered organization.

The following scope of work applies to this deployment:

  1. Two medical providers (physician or midlevel) and two nurses would staff Heart to Heart’s Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) over a six-day period.
  2. HHI will work collaboratively with the IRT team to serve primarily as the referring clinic for patients who need to be examined and prescribed medication for common conditions ( e.g. diabetes, heart disease and hypertension). Providers will primarily conduct general physical exams and, if necessary, treat (or begin treatment) of conditions identified during the physical.
  3. Standard laboratory evaluation (blood sugar and non-fasting lipid panel) will be performed on site, but patients may be referred to a local provider for further follow-up based on findings.
  4. Individuals who do not have a primary care physician will be referred to a local clinic; uninsured patients will be referred to the nearest Federally Qualified Health Center.
  5. A list of local providers will be available for patients as well as referral information for a local prescription assistance program.
  6. HHI will provide the following:
    1. Prescription pads. Local pharmacies will offer a discounted rate to patients who present with and HHI script. No controlled medication will be prescribed.
    2. Patient history and physical forms. These will be handed to patients for referral and/or for personal records.
    3. Single occupancy lodging at the Drury Inn in Caruthersville, MO, lunch, dinner and on-the-ground transportation.  Breakfast will be provided daily by the hotel.

You may also want to contact http://www.volunteerguide.org.  This website is an excellent resource for volunteer opportunities.