Working with DOCS WHO CARE

is easy as a phone call or email

We provide an attractive practice setting and quality care with a personal focus.  Below are some answers to frequently asked questions from interested providers.

Why should I consider working with DWC?

For flexibility and control, DWC is an ideal option for the provider looking to gain control of their life, have plenty of time for family, church involvement, community service and other volunteer activities, both at home and worldwide.

Who works for DWC?

Providers who love life. The common denominator of providers choosing to work with DWC is that they have something in their life that is of equal or greater importance than medicine.  They make the choice to work part-time with us so they may pursue other interests at the same time.

Where do DWC providers work?

Small, rural hospitals, clinics and ERs.   Our focus is first and foremost on the small, rural communities where physician recruitment and retention is a challenge.  Currently, we provide staffing in a number of states throughout the Midwest.

What kinds of duties will I perform?

Those of a rural family practice doctor.   Depending on the assignment, your duties might include clinic, in-patient, nursing home, ER, and other community duties including education, consultation and public relations.  If you enjoy the full scope of family practice medicine, you’ll find fulfillment working for DWC.

What other activities might be expected of me?

Community involvement.   DWC has gained a reputation for its providers who become involved in the communities where they work.  We invite our providers to get involved through church attendance, participation in high school activities, service clubs, or other areas in which they have an interest.  This involvement is greatly appreciated by the community and helps to build lasting relationships in the towns where you work.

How will it look on my CV?

Terrific.   The fact that you demonstrated the flexibility, skill and independence to succeed in a variety of situations is attractive to future employers and partners.  Your experience with DWC will prepare you well for whatever assignment you might accept in the future.

How much money can I make?

More than you might expect.   You will receive a competitive daily or hourly rate based on the scope of services and patient volumes requested by the site. Prior to accepting an assignment, you will receive the specifics regarding the compensation. You ultimately control how much you work, and we will assist you in designing a schedule that meets and supports your income goals.

What is provided for me?

Housing.  Each site provides housing for the DWC provider.  In most cases, an off-campus house, duplex or apartment is available for your use.  Oftentimes, the housing is suitable for your entire family to accompany you on the assignment.  For some weekend assignments, a sleep room in the hospital is provided unless you plan for your spouse and family to accompany you.

How long is each assignment?

Usually not more than seven consecutive days.  Rather than take you away from your home and family for extended periods of time, DWC assigns providers for shifts not to exceed seven days.  That allows you time for other responsibilities before returning to that site for another seven day shift…usually two to three weeks apart.  We believe in the value of continuity and do our best to schedule providers to the same site as much as possible.

How long do assignments last?

That depends.  DWC is called upon to provide both long-term and short-term coverage for sites.  In some cases, our coverage is for six months or less.  In others, our coverage extends into several years of continuous staffing.

What will I know about an assignment going in?

A lot.  We will give you a comprehensive description of the assignment that will allow you to evaluate how well it might fit you.  It will also give you critical information such as average number of patients seen in the clinic, inpatient, ER settings, etc.  Accepting an assignment for the first time also gives you the opportunity to “try out” the site and see how well it suits your skills, personality, etc.

How frequently do I have to work?

It’s up to you.  Your work with DWC is based on a mutual agreement.  Once your credentials are verified, our scheduling department will include you in assignment offers they believe would match with your skills and interests.  You are free to accept or decline any assignment.  We try to schedule ninety days in advance which allows you to build your personal schedule around DWC.

Do I have to sign an exclusive contract?

No.  Providers with DWC are considered independent contractors.  As such, you are certainly free to make other work arrangements.  You are in control of your work schedule and are not obligated to work any certain number of shifts or hours. Additionally, as an independent contractor, you are responsible for your personal tax liability, professional liability insurance, and travel expenses to and from the hospital.

What do I need to provide?

Professional credentials, professional liability insurance, travel.   Whatever you would need to complete in order to practice as a provider anywhere else…license, DEA, state narcotics license (if applicable), etc…is what we will expect.  DWC staff can assist you in finding professional liability insurance that best fits your need.  You will also provide your own travel arrangements to and from each location.

What does the verification process entail?

Comparable to any other standards for privileges.  Our verification process includes a thorough review and primary source verification of your education and training, your work history, your current standing with specialty boards and state medical boards, the status of your medical license and privileges with any medical institutions, and more.  We investigate any past or pending malpractice cases filed against you, review any disciplinary actions, and talk with professional references who have worked closely with you within the past two years.  It’s a thorough process that gives us and our clients a comprehensive view of your professional history.

What certifications do I need?

It varies with the assignment.  The requirements vary from site to site.  However, we recommend that you have ACLS, ATLS, and PALS.  In addition, you will need to maintain CME hours in specific areas as required by the site where you are assigned.

How long does it take to get started?

It’s up to you. Depending on your ability to return our paperwork, we can complete your DWC verification in a matter of weeks.  We are then able to begin discussing specific work opportunities with you.