“I have control over my life – the flexibility to create the life I’ve always wanted!”

Dr. Kiana Long wanted to be a doctor since elementary school, when she first discovered she was passionate about people and science. As the oldest child in a large family, she also knew that she wanted to make room in her life to be a mother. “I was very protective of them [her siblings],” she says, “I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom.” For Kiana, one of the best parts of Docs Who Care has been her ability to balance work with being a mom.

When her oldest daughter was born with health issues during her first year of medical school, Kiana ended up taking time off school to be a stay-at-home mom. While she discovered that she loved spending time with her daughter, staying home confirmed the need to “seek more, do more, and create some fulfillment outside of the home.”

When she returned to school and started residency, she noticed that no matter how short or long her clinic day was, there was always more for her do to at home. She loved the job, but found it was hard to leave the work behind. “I talk to people,” she says, “A big reason I spend so much time face to face with my patients is because I do a lot of teaching. I translate medical terms and put them in plain English for people to understand… so there’s a lot of teaching and coaching.” There wasn’t much time for paperwork during the day. As much as she enjoyed her patients, she missed the opportunity to spend time with her daughters and son, and knew she needed to find more balance between work and her family.

Dr. Long first heard of Docs Who Care during residency when several of her fellow residents were moonlighting with Docs Who Care. She had worked for another company as well. Like her peers, Kiana initially just looked for a place to moonlight as she figured out where she wanted to go next. Once she started with Docs Who Care, she found that her experience had changed. “This makes the most sense for how I’ve always wanted to live my life!”

She loves that she’s able to arrange her life better with Docs Who Care. She says, “I’m so spoiled! I’ve tried other jobs to see if I can have a better home/life balance, but I don’t like being told that I have to be here every day, and I like being able to be in control of my life and my schedule and my choices.” At Docs Who Care, she likes that the staff acts almost like a family, and that her fellow teammates care about each other’s lives. She’s found that the flexibility gives her control over her own life, and also gives her more time to spend with her kids and husband. She loves the financial independence and the ability to create the life she wants without wasting the time and money she spent in medical school.

Her advice to someone who is considering Docs Who Care? “First of all, you have to pay your own taxes and find a good accountant. Second, don’t be afraid. I think people get so stuck in the traditional ways of life that they don’t consider other possibilities, and that’s what makes it so easy for physicians to get burned out. We’re taught so much in black and white, but in my opinion, the fun part of life is the gray area.”