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In Their Own Words...

“Residency is survival! My schedule was so tight, but Docs Who Care was able to work with me and didn’t need a minimum commitment. DWC provided a great way for me to reduce debt and allowed me to gain confidence while practicing in rural communities. It was very rewarding!!”

- Taylor Kinney, MD, Serving with DWC since 2017

“After working in a clinic for 5 years, I decided to look for another practice that would allow me time to do short term missions projects overseas. While in transition, I found Docs Who Care – 13 years later, I could not imagine working anywhere else!”

- Chris Best, MD, Serving with DWC since 2005

“I was afraid my dreams of being a mom and physician were incongruent. I needed a solution that would allow me to create a better work-life balance. I picked up a few shifts with Docs Who Care and I was hooked! Once I got a taste of the ability to control my life and schedule there was no turning back! I now have the ability to be there for the big and small moments of my kids’ lives.”

- Kiana Long, DO, Serving with DWC since 2011

“Through DWC I’m able to provide a tremendous service to people who might otherwise not have medical care. I'm able to work with people of like mind and spirit. I'm able to have my work valued, both by DWC and by the communities I serve. I'm able to devote some of my life, but not more than I want, to a worthy profession. And then I'm able to devote the majority of my life to my other passions, first and foremost being my family. I have freedom to pursue other interests and volunteer opportunities, and not be overwhelmed while doing those or sacrifice time with the most important people in my life. I'm even able to dream about starting my own non-profit at a younger age than might otherwise be possible if I was in a traditional practice.”

- Andy Bukaty, DO, Serving with DWC since 2005

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We’re more than a staffing agency, we’re your partner

Rural hospitals have unique needs. We go the extra mile to create the perfect partnership between our providers and rural communities in need.

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