“I don’t have to worry about a shift being covered.”

-Harrison County Community Hospital, partner since 2004


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Docs Who Care started in 1995 as a partnership between a community hospital in Larned, KS, and four physicians who were committed to helping the hospital keep its doors open.

After the success of that relationship, founder Dr. Gary Morsch noticed that many smaller hospitals struggled with the same problem: They worked hard to recruit and retain physicians. Then, when they found a few bright, motivated physicians who would move to town, a few years they would leave overworked, discouraged, and unhappy. 

Docs Who Care works to reverse that. We provide excellent physicians and advanced practice providers to help relieve overworked providers as well as fill any staff gaps.

Now, we partner with over 125 hospitals and remain committed to providing rural medical communities with highly qualified, service-based physicians and advanced practice providers.


Our Partners Say it Best

We have physicians who have been with us for decades! Learn why they've continued to choose Docs Who Care.

- Austin Gillard, CEO of Clay County Medical Center (KS), and Brittni Oehmke, CEO of Hanover Hospital (KS)

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- Lori Gibson, RN, Emergency Department Manager, Harrison County Community Hospital in Bethany, MO

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- Logan Miller, DO, Director of Emergency Department, Harrison County Community Hospital in Bethany, MO

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- Tina Gillespie, CEO, Harrison County Community Hospital in Bethany, MO

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- Kevin Kincaid, CEO, Knoxville Hospital and Clinics in Knoxville, IA

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Why Docs Who Care?

Because we truly care about rural communities! Hospitals are incredibly important to these communities and we want to help you and your patients succeed. We do that by:

Selectively choosing high-quality physicians and advanced practice providers.

We take the selection process very seriously with the goal of associating with individuals who share our spirit of service while providing quality care to patients. Potential providers are interviewed and oriented to our way of treating patients and staff with dignity and respect.

Providing unmatched customer service.

We are blessed with an energetic, committed, and unbelievably competent staff who find their fulfillment in meeting the needs of rural hospitals. They go the “extra mile” in the successful completion of their tasks. The feedback we receive from staff at sites where we work is overwhelmingly positive in describing the interaction with our office staff.

Partnering with you.

We believe in creating partner relationships with hospitals. What is good for the hospital should be the same for us. Creating partnerships means communicating well, thinking “outside the box,” and exploring all possible options.

Meeting the individual needs of each hospital.

No two hospitals are alike. Each has their own needs and challenges, so we tailor our services to match your needs. These services may include any combination of:

  • Full-time, part-time, and temporary coverage options
  • Emergency department and/or clinic staffing
  • Admitting and inpatient coverage
  • Coverage for existing community physicians
  • Last minute staffing during unforeseen crisis or critical shortage
DWC and Brian Evans
Brian Evans, CEO of Clarke County Hospital – Osceola, IA

Pictured with Gary Coulter, Graham Morsch
and Dr. Gary Morsch of DWC.


Our independent contractor physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are proven, quality health care providers who want to gain control of their work schedule, have time for family, church involvement, community service and other volunteer activities, both at home and worldwide.

We partner with hospitals and health care providers in rural hospitals, clinics and emergency departments.  Our focus is first and foremost on the small, rural communities where physician recruitment and retention is a challenge.

Scope of services can include any combination of clinic, ED, inpatient, nursing home, and other community functions such as education, consultation and public relations. Our physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are capable of providing the full scope of quality family practice care.

Our verification process includes a thorough review and primary source documentation of the education and training, work history, current standing with specialty and state medical boards, and status of medical license and privileges with any medical institutions. We investigate past or pending malpractice cases, review any disciplinary actions, and check with recent references.  It’s a thorough process that gives us a comprehensive view of the professional history of each provider.

Most of our physicians are Board Certified in Family Medicine.  We also recommend that they have ACLS, ATLS and PALS.  In addition, they are expected to maintain CME hours in specific areas as required by state licensing agencies.  The same is true for our nurse practitioners and physicians assistants.  Most are board certified through either the ANCC (American Nurse Credentialing Center) or the NCCPA (The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants) and we recommend they maintain ACLS, ATLS, and PALS certifications.

Our fees are determined by a number of factors – patient volumes, scope of services, current market rate, etc.

We will present a contract based on the scope of services requested.  It will explain the terms of our agreement, our recruiting policy, and any other necessary contractual obligations.

We personalize the schedule and scope of services to meet your needs.  Our goal is to schedule our providers 60-90 days in advance.  You will be given calendar copies of the schedules for each month.

We strive to provide the very best health care providers to your facility.  To do this, we continually seek input from the sites on the quality of care being provided.  We have a variety of assessment tools (interpersonal and clinical) to evaluate the quality of our providers.

A Philosophy of Care manual is given to each of our providers.  This manual explains the expectations we have for providers working with us.  We also supply information specific to each hospital or clinic assignment.

When a provider accepts a shift to work at your hospital, they are considered part of your medical staff.  As such, we ask that you treat them as if they were an employee, even though they are an independent contractor.  We encourage you to orient them on your protocols, transfer procedures, dictation system, etc., in the same way you would for any new member of your medical staff.

In addition to physician, nurse practitioner and physician assistant staffing, we also provide consulting and chart review services through a partner organization called DWC Medical Services, Inc.

Other Ways We Can Serve You

DWC Medical Services, Inc. (MSI) is a partner organization offering focused and random chart reviews to achieve the highest level of quality of care.

Peer Review.
Proactive, Objective and Effective


Physician peer review serves as an essential tool for hospitals and clinics focused on:

  • Increasing quality of care
  • Decreasing the likelihood of litigation
  • Enhancing credibility
  • Increasing reimbursement rates based on performance

For many hospitals and clinics, true impartiality, objectivity, and expertise can be difficult to achieve in a small community. Our team of experienced DWC physicians believes focused and random peer reviews help individual providers achieve a higher level of quality care by identifying areas of improvement in documentation and using the latest standards of care.

“For years, our hospital has received valuable and timely feedback from this service available through Docs Who Care. MSI offers high-quality feedback, allowing our providers to gain meaningful insight for improvement needed and recognition for great work accomplished. DWC is a trusted partner!” 

Cathy Harshbarger, BSN, MHS, Chief Executive Officer
Melissa Memorial Hospital – Holyoke, CO

If you’d like to learn more about how we can serve your hospital and community, please call us 877-397-7800 or send us a message below.

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